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Dui Dwi Drunk Driving Drug Assault Criminal Defense Attorney  Sioux Falls South Dakota Lawyer
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Sioux Falls, South Dakota Criminal Defense Attorney, Sonny Walter practices primarily criminal defense law.  He has over twenty five years of experience handling all types of criminal cases, including DUI, DWI, drunk driving, possession and distribution of controlled substances and marijuana, assaults, thefts and many more types of criminal cases. He has had jury trials in just about every type of criminal case there is.  Mr. Walter has won the vast majority of jury trials he has tried over the course of his career.  He  Mr. Walter also handles juvenile criminal defense.  handles all types of felony and misdemeanor criminal offenses in both Federal and State Court.

In addition to his private practice he has also been contracted by the State of South Dakota to assist inmates incarcerated in the South Dakota Penitentiary's in Sioux Falls, Springfield and Yankton, South Dakota, to gain access to the courts on various matters including habeas corpus, direct appeals, parole issues, and prison conditions. Mr. Walter has also been elected by  his peers to be the East River Coordinator for the South Dakota Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys for multiple terms.

Mr. Walter believes that an attorneys job is to give his client a truthful assessment of their case.  No promises should or can be made relative to the outcome of the case.  We do not have a crystal ball.  An attorney's job is to give information and advice on the pros and cons of a particular course of action in a case and let the client decide on what the best course of action to take is based upon that advice.  With this law office you get an attorney who is not affraid to take your case to trial. Therefore, I will not plead someone guilty because of the "fear" of trying a case.  The decision whether to try the case to a jury or enter a plea is the client's decision to make after a full explanation of the options by the attorney and after the client has received and reviewed all of the information in the case.  
Mr. Walter most recent 2013 jury trial win was in a simple assault acquittal in Hutchinson County, Olivet, South Dakota in December, 2013.  
Mr. Walter most recent 2011 trial victory was in State v. Hammrich, not guilty verdict in DWI second case.
Mr. Walter had a significant  jury trial victory in State v. Vomacka in Brookings County in 2011 when his client was found not guilty of Rape in the First Degree and Sexual Contact.  His client was facing up to life in prison plus 15 years.  Recent jury trial victories also include State v. Holforty, 5 minute not guilty verdict in Rape in the Second Degree charge in Beadle County and State v. Tvedt, not guilty on simple assault and other charges. Prior to those cases Mr. obtained not guilty verdicts for his clients in the following types of cases:  Attempted Robbery in the First Degree (State v. E. Johnson), Burglary Third Degree (State v. B. Bender) Grand Theft, Forgery, Window Peeking, Eluding, numerous DUI First (State v. D. Larson) (State v. Stangeland), DUI Second (State v. L. Hinohosa)and DUI third cases (State v. G. Zimmerman), Possession of a Controlled Substance (State v. L. Gordon) (State v. M. Irby) cases inlcluding, Methamphetamine and Cocaine. Mr. Walter has obtained not guilty verdicts in many other cases in the 25 years he has practiced criminal law.

In addition, Mr. Walter has won many cases by filing and winning Motions to Suppress Illegally obtained evidence. A few of those cases are: State v. Mears, Arson case, State v. Smith, marijuana growing case, State v. Nierengarten, State Brewer, controlled substance cases, State v. Johnson, Nutgeren, Herrboldt, Branson, Freeman, marijuana cases, State v. Aspass, State v.Thuringer, State v. Meyers, dui cases, etc...





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